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Pemaco 2000 Base Plate Wax
A strong, extremely tough all season base plate wax. It is hard, not brittle and handles the way you would expect an excellent quality wax to handle. It does not crumble holds teeth securely , boils out clean, carves without chipping and takes a high, brilliant polish.
76mm x 152 mm x .060 thick.
2000 Extra Hard - For Warm Climate
Pemaco 3000 Base Plate Wax
3000 is a softer wax but has a high melting range. It is strong, tough, very accurate and dependable. It does not crumble or chip, takes a high  polish and holds the teeth securely, boils out clean. 
76mm x 152 mm x .060 thick
Pemaco 1500 Base Plate Wax
1500 is an all-season wax formulated witha combination of waxes that provide for maximum holding of teeth and minimum shrinkage. Boils out clean, leaves no residue and shines nicely. 
76mm x 152mm x .060 thick
All Season Wax
Developed to be used most anywhere a good quality, economica wax is needed. Boils out clean, polishes nicely formualted to securly hold the teeth. 
76 mm x 152 mm x 0.60 thick
Pemaco 1000 Economy Base Plate Wax
1000 is a dependable base plate wax that boils out clean with the ability to do what waxes that cost much more can do. Medium Soft: Formulated with lowere melting waxes for all seasons or Medium Hard: Formulated with higher melting waxes for warmer climates. 
76mm x 152mm x .060 thick
Pemaco Bite Block Rods
Curved to fit the model. Cut to the length you need and bend to form a horshoe, boils out clean. In cold weateher, it is recommended that the wax be warmed in a water bath. 11.1 mm square x 139.5mm long
Soft - All Season
Hard - Warm Climate
Pemaco Bite Blocks 
"Horseshoe shaped". Occlusal rims for the dentist or technician. The pre-shaped blocks are curved to fit model. The blocks can be easily adapted to shape and are quick to use.  
12.5mm  thick - Soft and Hard
Casting Wax
More info coming soon...
Regular Boxing Wax
A pliable wax that does not need heating yet is easy to work with and is strong and tough. The wax is designed to reduce the possibility of distorting the peripheral roll when moxing an alginate or hydrocolloid impressions. 
1/16 in. - 1.586 mm thick, 1-1/2 in - 3.805 mm wide, 11 in. -279mm long
Utility Wax Strips/ Wax Square Ropes
A soft,  pliable, tacky wax that can be used for boxing alginates and hydrocolloids and building up impression trays. It is sufficiently soft to  adapt itslef to allow the tray to be seated. It will adhere to most any material and can be used for post damming and boxing. 
Large Utility Wax Strips
 3/16  in. - 4.759 mm diam. 11 in. -  279mm long  (75 Strips per box)
Small Utility Wax Strips
 1/16  in. - 1.587 mm diam. 11 in. -  279mm long  (114 Strips per box)
Wax Square Ropes
A  3/16  in. - 4.759 mm diam. 11 in. -  279mm long  (55  Ropes per box)
Periphery Wax Strips
4.76 mm diam. x 145.8mm long  (60  sticks  per box)
Orthodontic Tray Wax 
Mint Scented.
4.76 mm diam. x 145.8mm long  (60  sticks  per box)
Pemaco Bite Wax Sheets
Formulated with pure beeswax, it softens quickly , flows easily, is tough, stable, strong and smooth. It is not grainy or sticky, sets quickly for excellent bite registration . 
76 mm diam. x 152 mm long x .060 thick
Pemaco Check Bite Wafers
"Horshoe shaped" wafers designed to adapt to the dental arch. Gives quick, precise check-bites and occlusall transfers. Softens easily in warm water, horseshoe shape minimizes trimming. 2.9mm thick.
Ortho Wax Compacts
Brace  relief wax - 50/100 compacts per box. 
Available in: Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Blue-Mint, Lime, Grape, Oragne, Lemon, Cherry, Bubblegum, and Unscented options.
Ortho Set-Up Wax
"A strong, tough, dependable wax that, when warmed, allows for moving the teeth to show examples before, during and after treatment.